Starbase PC Version Full Game Free Download

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Starbase PC Version Full Game Free Download

Starbase is a massively multiplayer online game that focuses on building and designing spacecraft and space stations and combines exploration, resource collection, production, trading and combat elements. At the same time, the game also has a sandbox mode where players can explore the game world alone or with other friends in the same universe.

Starbase PC Version Full Game Free Download

The game is built in a vast and sophisticated space, the overall environment is completely destructible, and incorporates a mixed voxel/vertex based game mechanic, giving the game a very high degree of fidelity; a slight collision may make you The spacecraft shell wipes off a few pieces of debris, and high-speed collisions can cause the spacecraft to disintegrate directly. Once the propeller’s fuel line leaks, the spacecraft may stall, and corrosive leaking fuel may also melt the ship’s superstructure and cause catastrophic failure. Damage to the flight control system does not necessarily mean the end of the trip, as the player can manually operate the generator and propeller directly in the engine room.

With a wide and deep omni-directional simulation, the game creates a high degree of freedom for the player, allowing them to fully display their own whimsy – this is the cornerstone of Starbase’s success. From building a single spacecraft with a rugged enclosure to creating a large automation plant to designing power and data networks, players can play freely in their own way.

Realistic and damaging the environment, incorporating voxels and rupture damage to create a deep simulation experience
The environment in Starbase can be completely destroyed, so you can destroy or disassemble anything with the right tools and weapons.
The hybrid voxel/vertex-based game mechanics brings nuanced physics simulations that make fighting, exploring, and flying vessels more novel and interesting, and the addition of structural and elemental durability simulation technology also makes conquering space even more Difficulty in twists and turns; if you are too cost-effective or trouble-free in a space race, then a poorly designed superstructure and an over-powered steering thruster will break the spacecraft in half.

Interact with thousands of players online, join the faction, enjoy more
Join and play for different factions, and work with robot companions to shape the Starbase universe.
Build, fight, chat and team up with other players to explore and colonize the vast galaxies, becoming the first conqueror to leave a footprint there.
Mining asteroid resources on your own, trading with your friends and shipping goods, or building a super space station with a large company.
Devote yourself to the battle between the Empire and the Kingdom, or explore the galaxy leisurely; if you accidentally enter the unknown during the exploration, don’t worry, the insurance system will sweep you away.
In Starbase, success depends not on the length of the game or the degree of “hepatic”, but on the player’s intelligence and their teamwork.

Build and design your spacecraft, space station and equipment, and go deep into the most subtle aspects
The smallest building object in Starbase is the screw, so you can build, repair and modify the spacecraft, space station and equipment as you wish.
Even the smallest spacecraft has thousands of parts, each with its own fine damage model, making construction and design a truly creative job.
Learn to use in-game programming chips to take your build and design experience to new heights; by creating creativity, automating spacecraft and cleverly designing spacecraft layouts, your spacecraft will truly be different

Explore the endless universe and collect resources
Explore the vast universe and find space stations, social centers and new raw materials.
Arrange a mission with friends and see what’s in the universe.
Go to the asteroid belt to mine the ore, recover different materials from the damaged spacecraft, trade materials at the trading station, or steal resources from other passing ships.
About Starbase
“Starbase” was developed using Frozenbyte’s internal game engine, which is tailored to conquer space and enables challenging voxels and vertices in the game. Designed for Starbase, this new engine handles the challenges of simulation, damage, construction, massive players, and the growing universe to address the challenges that games generate under a high vision. . Similarly, all the features of the game have been carefully thought out, and the infinite “scale” problem and the player’s creative freedom have been considered early in the development phase.

Starbase has been secretly developed for five years without restriction and will continue until the great vision of the game is realized. In the ever-expanding space, the “scale” can be as small as a screw, as large as the size of a large space station, and the mission can be close to the nearby asteroid belt, or the salvage of the spacecraft, or even to other galaxy.

In Starbase, players can create the universe they want without any restrictions, and a small group of players can even form large factions to challenge existing forces. Creativity will also come in handy, because in Starbase, brain power can often overcome brute force, and everything will be bounded by creativity.
Early Access
“Starbase” Early Access will allow players to step into a new galaxy for the Blazers, starting with their “mega-space stations” (large space stations distributed in a certain orbit) and starting their own explorations. trip. As the players eventually occupy the entire track, they will try to land on the planet’s satellites and one day arrive at other planets and even distant galaxies. The unoccupied universe in Starbase gives players the opportunity to participate in the construction of the galaxy and participate in the initial preparations for Star Trek.

Early Access allows players to explore, purchase and transform spaceships, build social connections, and earn money by collecting and selling resources. Players can build their own parent station on the giant space station and explore and create the Starbase universe with developers.



Starbase PC Version Full Game Free Download

How to Install Game?

1. Click on “Download Game” button.
2. Download “Starbase” Installer (Supports Resumable Downloads).
3. Open the Installer, Click Next and choose the directory where to Install.
4. Let it Download Full Version game in your specified directory.
5. Open the Game and Enjoy Playing.

If you face any problem in Running “Starbase” then please feel free to comment down below, I will reply as soon as possible.

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