Accessing Bing Chat from your Windows 10 and 11 desktop is easy, so you can benefit from Microsoft’s AI at any time.

The latest version of Edge has a peculiarity that may arouse the interest of those who want to have more accessible to Bing Chat, generative AI doped with GPT-4 that is already available from any browser. And is that if you want to have the ChatGPT experience directly from your desktop, keep reading, because Edge will allow us to do it whether we are in Windows 10 or 11.

The Edge sidebar can now be attached to our PC screen without the browser needing to be opened. In this way, among the multiple applications it hosts, it also houses we will have access to Bing Chat directly and from anywhere. In this article, we explain how to enable it.

How to Have Bing Chat on Windows 10 and 11

All the new generative AI that Microsoft is developing will only be compatible with Windows 11 and its services such as Microsoft 365. In this way, Windows 10 will be stripped of all these functions unless we rely on the Website or third-party programs.


However, there are a way to access Bing Chat from Windows 10 and 11 without the need to have an open browser. And it is that the latest update of Edge allows you to detach your sidebar and integrate it into the screen of our computer.

Bing Conversation Bar

To do this, we must update Edge to version 116 or later. Once this is done, if we activate the Edge sidebar (for more bar settings you can go to Settings > Sidebar), we will have an option to detach it from the browser and that it is always fixed in the system. This option is located at the bottom of the bar, just before the settings button.

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When we have selected the option, the windows and applications will be adjusted so that the bar does not prevent you from viewing part of it. It will be on the right side of our screen, and in addition to Bing Chat we can access other built-in Edge applications.

If you close Microsoft Edge, you will see that The bar will remain open, so if you need to interact with Microsoft’s AI at any time, whether you have Windows 10 or 11, you can do it this way. If you want, you can also customize the contents of the bar to add or remove apps.

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