Android is about to lose its throne among young people. Apple can achieve something historic

The iPhone paradigm has always been the same since the smartphone market stabilized: yes, Android has the most devices in the world, but Apple is the one that reaps the most revenue thanks to the iOS App Store. That’s why Cupertino never cared that Android devices were more.

But that could change, at least temporarily. Counterpoint Research conducted a study indicating that Apple could become the world’s largest smartphone maker for the first time in history. Yes, above Samsung.

An iPhone 15 that can be the catapult into a market of fallen diapers

The factors that would lead to this are several, starting with youn stagnation of the mobile market globally, despite the reduction in inflation. More and more people are waiting longer to renew their phones, a sign that they are looking to better squeeze their money due to the economic situation.

For its part, there are many people who still work with an iPhone 12 and the arrival of an iPhone 15 in September with USB-C port may be A perfect springboard that would make this model a bestseller. And those sales could push Apple to become the largest mobile maker for an entire year.

What could prevent this? Well, cuts in the production of the iPhone 15, something that has already appeared in some rumors. Samsung is still the leading manufacturer, but it seems that if it maintains this position, it will do so by a very small difference compared to Apple.

The iPhone 15 and its USB-C port will fill something Apple has been waiting for years, though it does so halfway.

Anyway, this fact should be taken rather symbolically for Apple economists. Yes, the iPhone still accounts for half of Apple’s revenue, but what matters most right now is that the more iPhones you sell, the more revenue you’ll get from App Store apps and subscription services. This is the best lever Apple has right now..

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