AOV New Warrior Beautiful Hero with a cool ‘shock’

AOV New Warrior Beautiful Hero

AOV New Warrior Beautiful Hero with a cool ‘shock’

After Drivers, Yena and Enzo, it seems that AOV has not stopped releasing new heroes, which of course will be present for some time to come, it can take a long time, it seems that there are no clear leaks about when these heroes will be released soon, after 3 names We mentioned above, Tencent’s Arena of Valor has prepared another additional name that will accompany you in the Horizon Valley in 2019, maybe.

AOV New Warrior Beautiful Hero


Who Is He?

AOV New Warrior Beautiful Hero

He is Brawler, there is no additional information about the clarity of this one hero, but again such leaks have been circulating on the Internet thanks to the Test Server feature provided by Tencent.

Where’s the position?

If we look at the existing appearance and symbol, with the symbol the Sword of a hero like this usually has a Warrior Class, but it is not clear whether it will occupy a Warrior / Tank or Warrior / Assassin role. This hero also has the ability to attack melee or melee attack. So yes, you can imagine that based on the leaked video revealed by Kurohiko below:


Preview Display:


In terms of the obvious appearance, it will not be less adorable with Yena, of course, with this rather shaky gesture we will later be sure to be loved and loved by AOV players wherever they are.

Still, from the human race, it seems that Tencent is still pursuing and likes to make and release heroes from the human race, the reason? because it’s cool? or more accepted in the micro market transaction? oops!

AOV New Warrior Beautiful Hero, AOV New Warrior Beautiful Hero

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