DC Universe Online PC game full version

DC Universe Online PC game full version

DC Universe Online PC game full version The world of video games and comics is more united than ever. They are a perfect tandem. The most important publishers in the sector currently live a strong and revitalized relationship with the strongest companies and publishers and the main entertainment systems. The most famous heroes of graphic novels and comics live their cinematic adventures and their versions for consoles accompanied and seasoned with some direct adaptations without celluloid in between (and whose results were quite liked by the editors, and Batman: Arkham Asylum and Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions we refer to in particular) with quite good results. Not all the mountain is oregano, but the truth is that most video games with superheroes are living a second youth after the 16-bit boom of the early nineties.

DC Universe Online PC game full version

DC Universe Online PC game full version

Currently, we have two major publishers in the world of comics: Marvel and DC. For the newcomers, Marvel owns, for example, Spider-Man, Thor, Captain America, or the X-Men, while DC does the same with the rights to Superman, Batman, The Joker, Lex Luthor, Green Lantern or Wonder Woman. Both companies apart from publishing dozens of comics and tomes focused on the dilemmas of the characters we have mentioned above (among thousands of others), sell the rights to dozens of third-party companies, which license the superheroes for any product that can be marketed. And among these companies are video game development companies.

The last of these licenses is based on the idea of carrying out one of the most ambitious projects within the superhero adaptations: turning the extensive DC Universe into a completely online role-playing and action title. Sony Entertainment Online (SOE), an expert company in these matters, has pulled out all the stops to make everything go smoothly. It is not an easy task to please everyone, especially if we take into account that DC has one of the most complex, richest and largest multiverses in the world of fiction, and it is even more aggravated if we know how “special” most of the fans of these franchises of a marked “vignette” character are.

It is very difficult to please all audiences with a good game, and if we add to the equation one of the juiciest franchises we have ever seen, it is quite normal that many doubted the result since the announcement itself (about three years ago). So, the questions are clear: Will SOE have achieved a title that lives up to the hype with DC Universe Online? Do the blue tights and red sheet we’ve tied around our necks look good on us? And the purple psychopathic clown suit? Hero or villain?

A universe full of heroes and villains
DC Universe Online is one of the games with the most superheroes and villains per square meter. It’s an ode to the universe of Detective Comics, and therefore, we will have an overwhelming representation of the entire cast of characters from the publisher. And the care with which they have chosen to recreate the DC multiverse is obvious. DC Universe Online has had the creative direction of the famous cartoonist Jim Lee. Jim Lee, for anyone who doesn’t know him, is a reference in the world of comics.

DC Universe Online PC game full version

DC Universe Online PC game full version

His career is nothing short of enviable, having worked for different publishers (Marvel among them) and collaborating side by side with other artists and creatives of important stature (such as Todd McFarlane or Alan Moore). Jim Lee plays a pivotal role in the gestation process of DC Universe Online, and that’s something that’s evident from the very start of the game. But it’s not the only one. The cartoonist, creator of several stages of Superman and Batman has joined forces with the renowned screenwriter Geoff Johns, responsible, among others, for one of the most remembered and stable stages of The Flash.

With such a powerful creative team, it is normal that the result, a priori, is practically excellent. DC Universe Online starts off strong, with a rather apocalyptic premise: one of Superman’s greatest enemies, Brainiac, wants to ravage Earth with an army of cybernetic soldiers. Superman, practically overwhelmed by the threat, sees as his most direct antagonist, the unscrupulous billionaire Lex Luthor, has an idea as brilliant as it is dangerous: to endow millions of citizens with superpowers to avoid the robotic threat of Brainiac. Thus, in the main cities of the world, thousands of their inhabitants will be recruited by a greater force, thus having to decide whether to unite their powers to save the planet, or join the cybernetic legions of the evil Brainiac as villains.

And that’s where we come in. After the original starting point (which seems quite correct to justify the huge number of heroes that will come out from under the rocks in a title like this), we will have to choose whether to collaborate with the heroes of a lifetime, such as Green Lantern, Superman or Batman, or enjoy a life of crime being friends with The Joker. The Scarecrow, Luthor or Brainiac. Obviously, given the main plot of the game, we won’t be able to embody the role of any of the most important heroes or villains of the DC roster (such as those already mentioned), but we will be able to play with them and against them, feeling part of a “whole” quite coherent with the comic universe that it tries to represent.

The plot of DC Universe Online is nothing to write home about, but it’s quite fun and entertaining to follow. That is, whether you are a hero or a villain, you will care what kind of decision is made by your side. And while most of the missions and script’s premise are sorted out as is customary in the multiplayer RPG genre (go to “a” for “x” or remove as many “x’s” as you can in zone “a”), if the player is a fan of the comic book world, they will feel right at home.

I’m sure many of you are thinking: “Alright, Brainiac is invading the world, and we’ve been given some powers… How do I take advantage of this lottery?” As we told you before, as soon as you start the game, you have to choose your side (or morality, as it’s known in the game). The superhero creation screen is the typical character creation modality of almost any role-playing game worth its salt, with various configuration and customization options. In DC Universe Online we have five main attributes: morality, personality, superpower, movement type, and weapons. The combination of these will give unique and different characters, the ability to choose gender, height, or physical corpulence. The freedom of choice and “customization” of our hero or villain in DC Universe Online is quite great.

That is to say, obviously, we can’t create a Superman or a Batman, but we will have the opportunity to create something similar as soon as we are inspired by the huge editor. One of the aspects that fans of the publisher and the characters will value the most is that we will have the possibility to design outfits and costumes very similar to those seen in the most classic age of comics (what is known as the Golden Age in DC), with a large number of emblems, colors, capes, and costumes at our disposal. A detail that fans will appreciate.

Still, players who are overwhelmed by so many changes and options will always have the opportunity to create random heroes or villains with templates designed for the occasion, inspired by the physical aspects and attributes of the most famous characters in the DC world.

DC Universe Online PC game full version

DC Universe Online PC game full version

Character development is a pretty important point in an online role-playing game. And even more so if we take into account that we embody superheroes and mega villains! In DC Universe Online, as in almost any role-playing game, apart from choosing appearance and class, we will have to choose the path to follow with our abilities and powers. In DC Universe Online, one thing is clear: characters don’t earn experience points or XP by leveling up. In other words, your character’s progression is based on the achievement of objectives and missions.

What may seem silly to many, is quite lucky for players (especially for the more casual ones), since they will avoid continuously performing repetitive tasks (both combat and gathering), focusing more on overcoming missions that will gradually unlock part of the plot. At the same time, DC Universe Online will also offer us extra missions, with which we can get special equipment for our hero or villain, as well as extra money. At first, you’ll see how your character has few skills or is partially limited in his development, but everything will gradually clear up as you reach a level and start unlocking missions and objectives.

In DC Universe Online there are two types of points, which will be received as you level up. These points are categorized into skill points and power points. These points, depending on where they come from, can be used to unlock new skills or ranks in your character’s skill tree. Skill points, for example, can be spent on upgrading weapons (such as pistols, shotguns, maces, or bows, as well as hand-to-body movements) and improving movements (flying faster, air attacks, faster while running).

Powerpoints are a bit more complex. Power points are invested in a kind of tree, which is divided into several different sections, such as Summoning, Iconic Powers, or Fate. As you invest your points in the different options available, you’ll see one of the points that you liked the most in the whole game: you can make a character to suit you, without being afraid to have a premeditated class or anchored to your avatar. In other words, we will have the opportunity to improve different qualities and superpowers of our hero, giving us real control over the future of our character in the game, without class restrictions or things like that (something very common until now in multiplayer role-playing games, but it seems that after Final Fantasy XIV and DC Universe Online, it has become something of the past).

DC Universe Online PC game full version

DC Universe Online PC game full version

The combat in DC Universe Online, it’s very, very straightforward. Almost frantic. Depending on the character you’ve chosen and customized, your way of fighting will be one or the other. For example, if your hero or villain is especially athletic and acrobatic, you’ll be jumping and pirouetting around your enemy while delivering different blows. If, on the other hand, he is very heavy or muscular, he will be able to knock anyone down with a couple of well-landed punches or kicks. The flying characters will be able to climb to the heights and swoop down against their antagonists…

Depending on how we have configured our hero, we will have one result or another. The controls are pretty straightforward, based on mouse taps and clicks and on the keyboard in the case of the PC version. And be careful, here we have to break a spear in favor of the version for Sony’s console, where the controls seem much better adapted and configured to the character than in the version for compatibles.

And it is that being a somewhat arcade and direct role-playing game, playing with a pad or control knob is little less than a recommendation, especially if you want to have the true feeling of controlling a superhero or a mega villain from the world of comics (more and more if we refer to the complicated combinations of buttons or keys of the most complex and strong combos).

From Gotham to Metropolis and I shoot because it’s my turn
DC Universe Online is a multiplayer role-playing game, but with certain aspects that take it a little away from the genre, and bring it a little closer to more direct action. DC Universe Online can be played in two different ways. You can play alone, if you want to, completing missions and objectives on your own. You’ll share a “universe” with other heroes and villains, but you won’t interact with them if you don’t want to. If you ever want, you can choose a small group of superheroes and collaborate on certain missions in co-op.

DC Universe Online’s other game option is more community-related. We can choose sides or leagues, grouped according to their morality (Legions for the villains and Leagues for the superheroes) to make the most of the scheme and the multiplayer playable experience of the title with more players. For this type of multiplayer mode in particular, we will have the typical “dungeons”, the well-known PVP, and the normal community missions. You can even fight or combat with the most famous DC characters! Come on, it’s going to be pretty fun to see how several shoddy villains get together to knock Superman to the ground or how several guys in capes and masks corner the Joker in an alley to give him a good humility cure. In short: DC Universe Online also gives us the opportunity to participate in huge battles of heroes against villains on the servers dedicated to PVP.

Broadly speaking, DC Universe Online is a game that allows both styles of play (PVP and PVE), and is prepared for both a solitary experience and the online fun typical of multiplayer role-playing game communities.

DC Universe Online PC game full version

DC Universe Online PC game full version

Technically groundbreaking
DC Universe Online is a game full of technical details. He uses the famous Unreal Engine 3 with ease, and it shows. What could have been a graphic pastiche, full of lustrous effects but little work in the designs and models, has become a graphic reference within the genre to which it belongs. The strong style and design (with obvious and necessary references to the world of the vignette), and the impressive modeling (both of the main characters and the heroes and villains of the players), do the rest. It’s amazing the level of detail that the game handles. And the best part is that you don’t need particularly powerful computers on PC to move it properly. The game is very well optimized.

It’s a pleasure to wander around the DC universe, full of colors, heroes, and villains. The variety of settings is quite large, despite having two huge megalopolises as the axis in the locations. The quests, dungeons, and other locations will be set in two of the most important cities in the DC world: Gotham and Metropolis. Both the city of the masked crusader and the city of the Man of Steel will be faithfully recreated, full of places recognized and admired by all: the Daily Planet building, the Watchtower of the Justice League, the Arkham Asylum or the Gotham police station. Moving from one city to another will give more coherence to the excellent atmosphere that DC Universe Online gives off, and will make us feel like we are inside a universe full of life.

The music stands out when it should, with epic compositions designed for the occasion (and with certain reminiscences of the scores we all have in our heads when we think of certain superheroes). Nothing to object to.

The PC version is a technical and graphical marvel. Another aspect that we are forced to deal with when dealing with the technical section and support is the absence (at least during our trial period) of any failure or problem in relation to the connection. Everything, absolutely everything, has gone smoothly.

Final Conclusion on Infinite Earths
Comics and role-playing game fans: you’re in luck. DC Universe is a multiplayer role-playing game full of references, winks, and characters that many of us have loved and enjoyed since we were little. The feel of the comic sheet is transferred to the video game excellently and respectfully (something we are used to lately), giving us a wonderful and powerful title with which to invest many hours of our free time. Many will complain about its accessibility or its marked arcade and direct character in the gameplay, but it works. It works because these changes compared to other multiplayer role-playing games (changes seen especially in its core gameplay), make DC Universe Online a more fun and coherent game with its approach.

They managed to turn a title that could have passed without pain or glory, become a benchmark to be followed in the future by its competitors. Never being a superhero or a villain had ever been so much fun. And the best part is that we can share our fun with thousands of players. If you want a full-fledged multiplayer role-playing game with lots of action, superheroes, and the ability to play on a console (and you don’t mind paying a monthly fee), don’t wait. DC Universe is the game for you. And it’s available now! Get your capes and masks ready: there’s a lot of work to be done.



DC Universe Online PC game full version



Minimum Requirements
UNDER: Windows 10(64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i3-4340 or AMD FX-6300
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA Geforce GTX660(2GB) or AMD Radeon R7 370(2GB)
DirectX: Version 11
Net: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 40 GB available space
Additional Notes: Internet connection required to play; Includes in-game purchases

Recommended Requirements
UNDER: Windows 10/11(64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i7-11700 or AMD Ryzen 7 5800X
Memory: 16 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA Geforce RTX 2070 Super(8GB) or AMD Radeon RX5700XT(8GB)
DirectX: Version 12
Net: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 40 GB available space
Additional Notes: Internet connection required to play; Includes in-game purchases

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DC Universe Online PC game full version
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