Elon Musk and Apple clash again: X owner wants to implement another feature against App Store policies

Since Elon Musk decided to pay 44,000 million euros – which is said soon – for Twitter, the platform has undergone many changes. The first and most obvious is that it is no longer called Twitter, but X. But that’s not all. The verification badge now sells for eight euros per month, and another way to “verify” companies had to be found: a gold gold worth 1,200 euros. It is the living expression of this saying “I break your legs and I sell you crutches”. In this case, crutches of 1,200 euros per month plus VAT.

There are other initiatives that have positive effects, such as advertising revenue, but at the same time have transformed the platform into A contest of impressions and commitment. The problem is not that as such, but that the tactic used by some users for this is not that they are the most ethical in the world.

X is better than we thought, but worse than it should be

To defend Musk, it must be said that most of us gave him for dead, both him and the Twitter of the time, and It works much better than we thought. To Caesar what is Caesar’s, it is said. Of course, his disagreements with Apple are still on the agenda.

If a few days ago I asked to be applied the App Store commissions differently from others because yes, now You want to remove blocks on your platform, which goes against Apple’s own rules for iPhone apps. He explained this in a tweet that was corrected by a community note — the best thing he’s done in a long time.

Community notes are an additional context that users can add to a tweet, and if enough people from across the political and ideological spectrum agree, is placed under the post in question without the author being able to do anything. This is a very good function to prevent hoaxes, half-truths and outright lies.

In this case, Musk’s tweet carries a note that reads: “If the ability to block users were removed, X would violate App Store and Google Play Store policies. Potentially, this could lead to X’s removal from these platforms. It also adds a link to App Store policies, where it is clearly stated, in point 1.2, that: “To prevent abuse, apps with user-generated content or social networking services must include the ability to block abusive users of the service“.

Elon Musk gets farruco with Tim Cook. Unsurprisingly, App Store commissions don't make it funny anymore.

It seems that in this case, Elon will not be able to implement this measure. It is reasonable for Apple and Google to require that a user can be blocked, otherwise there would be people who could not use the application quietly. We’ll see what Musk does, if he backs down, if Breaking the rules or negotiating something specific with platforms.

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