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FIFA 23 Turns Legendary Footballers into Marvel Superheroes

EA Sports has signed an interesting collaboration for FIFA 23, which is days away from its release and is highly anticipated by game lovers. As a result of this partnership with Marvel, the legendary names of the green fields will be transformed into superheroes.
The FIFA series, one of the first games that come to mind when it comes to football games, has millions of players worldwide. Recently Ultimate Team The game where some new features that will appear in the mode are shared last time FIFA will bear the name and will meet with game lovers on September 30.

The countdown continues for FIFA 23, the latest version of FIFA, one of the most popular football games in the world of sports. In recent weeks Sales prices in Turkey and the first gameplay video developments related to the shared game continue to be experienced.

Legendary names will be designed as Marvel superheroes


FUT Hero Cards, which are in-game collections that debut in FIFA 22 and present iconic moments of players’ careers, will also be included in FIFA 23. Designed by Marvel designers, players will take part in the game in the style of classic superhero characters.

FUT Hero Cards will be available to players starting November 11 with the World Cup mode after the release of FIFA 23. Marvel FUT Hero Cards will only be available to 21 players, and so far only 5 Marvel-themed game cards have been shared.

First images from FIFA 23 cards:

Landon Donovan, one of America’s legendary footballers, became Captain America


Marvel has made its superheroes On Disney Plus While busy publishing, EA seems to want to attract the attention of game lovers by making superheroes more creative. Possessing superpowers, Landon Donovan may not be able to defeat the Hulk in the fight, but he can probably narrow the field to him.

“The Anticipator” Carvalho



Claudio Marchisio became Il Principino



Juventus’ star midfielder Marchisio was nicknamed The Little Prince during his playing years. That’s probably why EA designed it as the II Principino.


Touré became the footballer version of the Greek god The Citadel



Park Ji-Sung becomes Tigerhead’s footballer version



We can see which other players will be superheroes before the release of the game. In addition, as a result of this cooperation, many new features, especially in-game elements such as jerseys and balls, will be added to the game and even a comic book is expected to be released.

FIFA 23 Turns Legendary Footballers into Marvel Superheroes
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