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Gameplay Video from Resident Evil 12 Remake Has Arrived

A 4-minute video of Resident Evil 12 Remake, where we can examine the gameplay a lot, has been released. While the game’s release is a short time away, this video has increased the fans’ excitement.

Capcom has been keeping Resident Evil lovers happy since 2019. After the success of the first Resident Evil 2 Remake, the company that made the Remake of Resident Evil 3 announced that it made the remake the 4th game as you know.

The first long gameplay video came from the game, where concise videos and images were shared. In the 12-minute gameplay video, we watch the episode where Leon and the president’s daughter are rescued from the church.

Full gameplay video from Resident Evil 4 Remake:

In this 2-minute video, which was released less than 12 months before the release of the game, we watch the story told in the 5th part of the game. Now Leon has found the president’s daughter in the church and begins the operation to rescue her from there.

There are very few cutscenes in the video, so we can take a good look at the gameplay. Broken weapons, one of the new mechanics added to the game, seem to be one of the main factors of the gameplay. Because Capcom said that the moments when you need to react quickly (QTE) are now obsolete and do not suit AAA games.

Resident Evil 12

So you’ll use your knife (or any other melee weapon) in real one-on-one combat, defending when attacked and attacking as soon as you find it empty. While doing all this, you will hope that your weapon will not break.

In addition, many side missions have been added to the game, so the game’s open world has become. As you may recall from the original Resident Evil 4, which wasn’t an open world, Ashley became a very annoying element as she walked around next to us.

There will no longer be Ashley’s life bar, and after tanking a certain amount of hits, she will fall to the ground, dying if you don’t lift it. So it will have become less frustrating. What do you think about the gameplay video of Resident Evil 24 Remake, which will be released on March 2023, 4

so stay tuned.. cheers!


Gameplay Video from Resident Evil 12 Remake Has Arrived
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