Google will be a big competitor to iPadOS with Android 12L!

Android 12L, which is expected to come to large devices such as tablets and foldable, was announced by Google. Here are the features of the operating system.

The Android operating system was frequently criticized for not being designed to work effectively on tablets and other large devices. Apple had this huge market share with its iPads. But Google gave the gospel to reverse this situation. Android 12L will now be designed for tablets and large devices, including foldable phones.

Android 12L Prepares to Bring Super Features
12L was announced today at the Android Developer Summit as an operating system that brings an optimized user interface for large-screen devices such as tablets, foldable devices, and Chrome OS devices.

Android 12L

Google says it has improved its user interface to make Android more beautiful and easier to use on larger screens.

Android 12L

The most prominent factors in the new features can be listed as follows:

  • A double-pane interface for the Settings menu
  • A redesigned overview interface that shows the existing app in near full screen when other apps are smaller
  • Automatically enable all apps to enter split-screen mode even if apps cannot be resized
  • The ability of manufacturers to easily customize letterboxes
  • A taskbar for large-screen devices to smooth app migration

Android 12L

Google said Android 12L will be released early next year on the next Android 12 tablet and foldable phones. It will be available to developers today and a developer preview for Lenovo P12 Pro will be released soon.

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