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High Rollers: Best Online Poker Games for Switch 2023

Whether you’re a card shark or a small fry, playing poker online is a fun way to pass the time and hone your skills. Poker requires plenty of desirable traits: patience, skill, strategy, concentration… It’s not a bad way to spend some spare time, and it’s exciting too. Plenty of casinos provide other parlor games to get that adrenaline fix. Playing online pokies for real money certainly gets the blood pumping, but much of the outcome is determined not by skill or ability, but by pure luck.


So instead of investing to spin wheels on games like the popular Slotomania, why not avail of some of the excellent benefits of playing poker instead? As poker starts to shake off its image of a seedy casino and moves into the health and mental wellness space, finding a way to play has never been easier. While the traditional platforms of mobile phones and PC are still available, some developers are now honing their apps for console play too. Here are a few of the best poker games available for Nintendo Switch right now.


An article by Moneycontrol cites CEO and Co-founder of Pocket52, Nitesh Salvi, who notes how playing poker can amp up your thinking ability. He reckons the combination of cognitive abilities and interpersonal skills really helps keep your brain sharp. If that wasn’t enough, a piece from The Business Time outlines some of the health benefits to be had from playing poker, noting particularly the positive impact on mental health.


1. Poker Club


Expertly developed, Poker Club is a top choice for Switch gambling, with pretend money of course. Multi-table tournaments invite more than 200 players to participate with you, giving you plenty of competition as you hone your card skills. It’s undoubtedly one of the best and most beautifully designed poker games for Switch, but it comes at a cost of around £20/$25.


2. Clubhouse Games 51


This compendium of fun parlor games is a solid pick for casual players, but poker pros might want to give it a miss. It’s great value given that there are, you guessed it, 51 games available to play, including chess, backgammon, othello, and, of course, poker. The only variant of poker on the platform, however, is Texas Hold’em, but if you’re looking for a game bundle that does poker and more, this is a great option.


3: Poker Champion: Texas Hold’em


Released in 2021, Poker Champion is a good entry level poker game that will take you from newbie to confident card shark in no time. Smart AI opponents will give you a run for your money, while you get familiar with the scoring, good and bad hands, and betting strategies. It’s not for expert poker players but given its small purchase price it’s a great place to start.


4. Poker – Texas & Omaha Hold’em


A step up from Poker Champion is this variation, which brings the Omaha rules into play and introduces you to real-world players. You can play with AI too, so if you’re new to poker, you can get used to the game before embarking on a multiplayer game. However, multiplayer is only local, so good for a Switch party, but not for playing online with strangers.


5. Vegas Party


Love Mario Party? Vegas Party takes the ethos of that popular game and brings it to the casino. As well as Texas Hold’em, you can play roulette, blackjack, bingo, baccarat, and more. It does allow a multiplayer mode, including online if the parameters are good. Some of the interfaces are a bit clunky, particularly as it was originally designed for the Wii, but as far as a fun and colorful poker platform goes, it’s pretty good.


6. Four Kings Casino


The Four Kings platform has proven popular on everything from PC to mobile to PlayStation and more. It was adapted for Switch recently and is a true MMO social game. Interact with other players, enjoy all the usual casino games, including poker, and best of all, download it completely free of charge.


7. Poker Pretty Girls Battle: Fantasy World Edition


OK so this isn’t so much a serious poker game, but it is a lot of fun. The format is pretty much as you’d expect on any online poker game, but with a touch of anime that makes it very playable. Pit your wits against 16 ‘Pretty Girls’ including elves, demons, and more as you play through the tables.


Which one is best for you?


While this isn’t an exhaustive list of the poker games currently available for Switch, it gives you an idea of some of the variety available out there for Nintendo fans. For us, Four Kings brings the best playability to the Switch console, and while Poker Club is by far the best in terms of graphics and functionality, the high price of buying the game is kinda off putting.


Clubhouse Games is a solid choice if you want a very small investment that opens up a lot of different games, while Pretty Girls is a fun take on the classic online poker game. Overall, there is still a big market left to fill, and no one game has really nailed it with the online interaction, graphics, and price point all in one.


Nevertheless, it’s great to see developers finally realizing what a big market there is out there for casino games on consoles. Let’s hope the coming years see even more and better titles released to Switch for us to enjoy.

High Rollers: Best Online Poker Games for Switch 2023
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