Honkai Star Rail Events Calendar 2024

Permanent events and all events planned in current and future HSR updates.

Events in Honkai Star Rail – an integral part of the game that allows you to obtain star jade, necessary to purchase Star Passes, as well as to replenish the “Inventory” with other useful materials involved in raising and leveling characters. In addition, these events not only give you a closer look at some of the current characters from the story campaign but also allow you to learn something new about planets/regions already explored.

This article introduces the schedule of events for Honkai: Star Rail, as well as a brief description of its mechanics, and a link to a detailed guide (tutorial) is added to each one. In addition, announcements of future events that will be added to the game with the release of new updates are considered.

Add a page to “Bookmarks” so you don’t miss out on HSR events in 2024. The current information will be published as soon as it is revealed in the official resources dedicated to the game.

Honkai Star Rail 2.1 Events: February Events Schedule

Events in HCP can be divided into three types:

temporary, i.e. with limited dates;
Permanent – available to all Pioneers without exception, the only condition that can block access to the event is the need to complete a specific Mastery mission or level up to a certain level Mastery Level;
browser-based, they don’t require you to log in to the client.
The reward for participating in events of the types mentioned above, in turn, varies depending on the degree of complexity of the tasks offered to complete.

Basic information about current events, as well as its complete passage, is published in the section with guides for Honkai: Star Rail.

Stellar Odyssey
Date: From the release of version 2.1 until May 6, 2024 (03:59 European server time).

Honkai Star Rail

“The Star Express team received a package from Nameless. Pom-Pom can’t wait for the Pathfinder to return: the baby really wants to know what’s inside.” Take part in the main update event presented in the form of a board game, complete mini-challenges, and various trials, accumulate Pathfinder Bonds, and earn rewards such as self-modeling resin, smartphone wallpapers, and avatars.

A separate guide provides a detailed tour of the event. “Odyssey of the Stars”.

Holiday Gifts
Date: From the release of version 2.1 until May 7, 2024 (03:59 European server time).

Honkai Star Rail

The traditional “Cometa” has undergone unexpected changes in honor of the project’s first anniversary. Log in to the game for a total of 7 days to receive a total of 20 special Star Passes.

Anniversary gifts in the mail.

Honkai Star Rail

In addition to the transformed Comet, on the one-year anniversary of Honkai: Star Rail (12:00 on April 26, 2024, European server time), all Trailblazers will receive ×1 Star Jade in the mail.

Flat division 300%
Date: April 10, 2024 – April 17, 2024 (03:59 European Server Time).

Honkai Star Rail

During the event, Trailblazers can earn triple rewards from the dive device by completing challenges. “virtual universe”. Additional rewards are given for Immersion Keys (or Mastery Energy) and consume the number of triple prizes.

Realm of Strangeness 300%
Date: April 26, 2024 – May 3, 2024 (03:59 European Time).

During the event, Pioneers can receive triple rewards for completing challenges. Corrosion caves. Additional rewards are given for Mastery Energy and consume the number of triple prizes.

Stories at the bottom of the glass.
Date: March 29, 2024 – May 6, 2024 (03:59 European Server Time).

Honkai Star Rail

“The manager of the Rise and Shine bar was on business and assigned Trailblazer to work as a bartender. But he didn’t think that visitors here weren’t quite ordinary.” Take on the role of bartender and help emotionally distressed property guests get many valuable resources, including currency to purchase Star Passes and special Star Passes.

Tsunami Warfare
Date: April 13, 2024 – May 6, 2024 (03:59 European Server Time).

Honkai Star Rail

“A researcher returning from a vacation in Peñaconia came up with an interesting device. Invite the Pathfinder to come and try it out.” Take on a video game-style combat challenge to earn a variety of rewards, including Relic Wreckage, a traveler’s guide, and more.

Evendos Web en Hongai: Star Rail 2.0
In addition to in-game events, there are also browser events in Honkai: Star Rail that allow you to get a certain amount. Star Jade (it is usually enough to buy 1 regular or special Star Pass in the “Shop”). Developers often offer additional other rewards, such as exclusive avatars or limited-edition merch.

To participate in web events, you don’t need to log in to the game. All you need to do is open the corresponding page in your browser, log in with your UID or HoYoLab account details, and then complete certain tasks to finally earn a reward. The prize itself arrives in the in-game mail.

There are currently no temporary events running.

At the moment there is a persistent browser event.

Daily Entry

By visiting the official website of miHoYo every day, get daily rewards per special page. First log in with your HoYoLab account details to have your rewards sent to your in-game email.

Upcoming Events in Honkai: Star Rail 2.1
After the publication of official announcements or leaks from Chinese experts that affect the events of Update 2.1, this section will be updated.

Permanent Events at HSR
Permanent events include those events that have no deadline, i.e. participating in them and, consequently, receiving rewards in the form of free characters, star jade and so on, any player can do so. The restrictions appear only a few additional conditions – either the need to obtain a certain level of mastery or, conversely, incidentally part of the narrative campaign of an accessible open space such as space station Hertha or Lofu Xianzhou.

Talent Presentation

This section is updated after each new patch is released. Players have the opportunity to learn the abilities and animations of the heroes that have a higher chance of appearing in the current time “Jump.” Completing the trial with the main character will earn you 20 Star Jade, as well as additional consumables and items.

Chaos Renaissance
Memories of Chaos is part of the “Hall of Oblivion” activity.

This activity offers to study. Three different modes:

Once “The Legacy of the Nascent Citadel” becomes available after completing the Yarilo-VI story campaign. It offers 15 floors for battles. Successfully completing all battles provides a chance to receive 3-star jade as well as 300 credits.
Disposable “Chronicles of the Drifting Ark” unlocked after completing Lofu Xianzhou exploration missions. They offer elite opponents for battle, located in 6 rooms of varying difficulty. Completing all of them successfully can fill the “Inventory” with resources such as 1 star jades and 200 credits.
Upgradable Memories of Chaos (once every 1 week) gives you the opportunity to fight numerous elite enemies located on 6 floors. Total rewards: 12 Star Jades, 720 Jade Feathers, 600 Traveler’s Guides, 24 Refined Aethers, 12 Lost Crystals, 24 Radiant Reflections, and 96 Credits.
Chaos Reborn-related activity – “Pure Fiction” mode.

Pure fiction

“Pure Fiction” — a mode that is updated once every 1 week (i.e. every two weeks after the release of new “Memories of Chaos” related to the “updated” part of the activity). It is a combat activity that is divided into several floors: each one provides the opportunity to fight against groups of opponents. The main task is to kill enemies and accumulate points: the more opponents are defeated, the more valuable rewards will be replenished in the Pioneer’s “Inventory”. Basic – 6 Star Jade and 300 Jade Feathers.

Virtual Universe: Swarm Invasion
“The Invasion of the Swarm” – additional combat mode within “virtual universe”, which allows you to feel the history of the Aeons and get a new Path for the main activity: Distribution Path. To unlock Swarm Invasion, it is important to complete 5 “Virtual Universe” world on any available difficulty level.

Virtual Universe: Gold and Gears

“Gold and Gears” — another combat addition to the “Virtual Universe” mode, which continues to reveal the history of the Aeons and offers the opportunity to gain another new Path for the main activity: Path of Erudition. To open “Gold and Gears”, it is important to go through at least once. 5 World “Virtual Universe” on any difficulty.

Honor of the Nameless

Honkai Star Rail

Battle Pass – an event that is updated regularly and allows you to receive rewards of varying importance. “Honor of the Nameless” is divided into two columns, “Gift of the Nameless” and “Glory of the Nameless”:

the first contains free prizes available to everyone without exception;
in the second, those items that can only be obtained by purchasing one of the two games: “Glory of the Nameless” or “Medal of the Nameless”.
Rewards are opened upon reaching the required level. To level up, you must complete tasks in the “Honor of the Nameless: Quests” category. The instructions, in turn, are divided into “Current Week’s Missions” and “Current Phase Missions”.

Conqueror’s Will

One of the main events that offers the chance to get up to 40 Star Passes (required for Departure Jump and Star Jump) and 1 star jade. All that is required of the player is to gradually increase their personal Mastery Level to 5, 15, 25, and 35.

Amazing consistency

One of the main events that allows new members of Star Express to obtain something epic Cones of Light, a good representative of the Path of Erudition, occupying the position of auxiliary DPS character in the squad, as well as the first healer. To perform multiple sequential tasks:

Complete the Mastery mission “Virtual Universe: Primary Test”: a task that is available after completing the Hertha space stationMastery missions A discovers the Hertha (Erudition: Frost).
Complete the development mission “Lying in the Rust”, a task that is available to complete as part of the story campaign. Yarilo-VITo get natasha (Abundance: Physics).
Complete the Mastery Quest. “Rot or burn”To open Cone of Light “The Importance of Breakfast” (Path of Scholarship)
reach 20 Mastery Level and collect Pom-Pom rewards at the “Common Carriage” location to receive “Equal Exchange” cone of light.
Complete the Mastery Quest “Balance Test I”, a task to increase the balance level and replenish the “inventory” with useful items. Subject “Mastery Counter”, which permanently adds 1 vehicle point.

Turquoise Dreams

Honkai Star Rail

After reaching 21 Mastery Level and completing Memories III in “Hall of Oblivion” you can get an epic character from the “Legacy of the Rising Citadel” qingque (Scholarship: Quantum) category.

In addition to “Turquoise Dreams”, there is also an additional event that can add an epic girl to the collection of heroes. Yukong (Harmony: Imaginary). The condition for obtaining a character is similar: you must reach at least mastery level 34 and complete the task. “A brave dragon in a boundless ocean” from the “Tower of Hyperion” chain. Then, by analogy, you will have to complete Memory III of the “Hall of Oblivion” in the category “Chronicles of the Drifting Ark”

Events in the “Incorruptible Memories” section

“Undying Memories” – a tab that can be found in the “Adventure Journal” section. Stores have already completed once-“temporary” events. The rewards that can be received for completing them are “cut”. However, they can still bring in a large amount of star jades, as well as useful resources needed for the overall elevation and leveling of heroes.

Star Return

Honkai Star Rail

A special activity that offers additional rewards to those who haven’t logged into the game for a long time (14 days or more). The awards themselves are divided into two categories:

7-day login rewards — simply open a special tab in the “Adventure Journal” every day and, by signing up, collect resources and star jade;
rewards for “The Way Home” return missions — you need to complete a series of simple tasks to obtain a certain amount of auxiliary resources, as well as a special artifact “Commemorative Chest”, which can be used to obtain an epic. Light Cone To choose from.
In addition, during the “Star Return” period, the Pathfinder will also be able to receive double rewards for completing “Sepals” (gold and crimson).

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Honkai Star Rail Events Calendar 2024
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