If you change iPhone battery for free, you end up without key functionality

Given the widespread issue that occurs with the iPhone 14’s battery health, many might consider changing it. The cost varies from 55 to 119 euros depending on the model you have. Of course. There are always third-party options, which tend to be cheaper.

The problem is that they probably don’t have the training of Apple’s own technicians, nor much of the original parts. Depending on the quality of the spare parts they use, everything could very well go or be a disaster. The good thing about going to Apple is that there is no such uncertainty. You know they’re going to put you the best piece ever., while with the other, even if you save a few euros, you will still be with the fly behind your ear, and the cheap ends up being expensive.

Not worth the risk

Apple doesn’t like us going to third-party repairs. It is not good for them or for us. They have a system of serial numbers in each of its components, so that the moment it detects that something is wrong, it issues a warning that Blocks certain features to ensure user safety.

In the case of batteries, doing a replacement without going to Apple stops showing how much health it has. We understand that being a lower quality piece, Apple can’t guarantee that it will work well, or that it’s not going to degrade quickly, and they don’t show the data so that the user doesn’t have a bad experience with something that’s basically their decision.

Measuring battery health lets us know In what state exactly our battery is, whether we should change it, or not yet. More than one generates many headaches, because we use the iPhone very intensely, and every point that lowers this percentage is a little dart directly in our wallet.

How to request a battery change from Apple

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If you have an Apple Store or Premium retailer, it’s as simple as approaching and asking for it to be changed. There they will tell you what it costs, and most likely they have it in stock. and tell you to come back in two hours to get your iPhone. Easier than that, impossible.

On the other hand, if you don’t have any of this nearby, you will need to request a collection and send your iPhone by postal mail. You can do the management on the Apple support page, although there is an extra 12.10 euros for shipping costs. Of course, if you have AppleCare+, it’s free.

What You Need to Know Before Changing Your iPhone Battery: Price, Methods and Tips

It’s always best to go to Apple. About the battery, The price difference is very small Compared to the peace of mind that lets you know everything is going to be okay. Also, if a third-party battery damages your iPhone, the warranty doesn’t apply, but if an official battery does, it does it without a problem and they would repair or replace the phone in a very short time.

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