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Inspired by ‘Doom Eternal’ Titanfall Game Has Arrived

A few days ago, we learned that EA Games had canceled a game set in the Titanfall universe. A few details about this canceled game have come to light.

Titanfall, one of EA Games’ game series with one of the most diverse concepts and a niche player base, has a full universe. In fact, if you don’t know, Apex Legends is also set in the Titanfall universe.

Last week, Electronic Arts canceled a game set in the Titanfall universe. we had learned. Now that we know this game has been canceled, some information about the game has been revealed. Let’s take a look at them.

Inspired by Doom Eternal


The game, which is expected to be released under the name of Titanfall Legends, is inspired by Doom Eternal, and the game is planned to be single-player, story-oriented. For this reason, the game would feature occasional ‘Legends’ to give playable characters special abilities.

Titans would also become more difficult to obtain during this single-player experience, and therefore rare. In Titanfall Legends, IT would play an essential role in the game’s story, while Rampart would be the one to bring him back to life.

However, the news is not that bad because EA is working with Respawn Entertainment on another game that has not yet been announced. Time will tell what we will see at that point in this canceled game.


Inspired by ‘Doom Eternal’ Titanfall Game Has Arrived
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