Invasion 2 bets everything on a war between species: the second season of the most spectacular series of Apple TV+ begins

You know you’ve loved a show when, since the end of its first season, you remember it once or twice a week thinking about when there will be official information about the second. That’s what has happened to me since ‘Invasion’, an Apple TV+ series of which we will have the new episodes available tomorrow.

Some lucky people in the press have already had the opportunity to see these episodes (or at least some of them), and there is already clearly talk of a tone with more action than in the first season and One step closer to becoming one of the must-haves in the catalogue.

“We are in the storm”

The video you can see above offers a look beyond what we’ve already seen in the series’ trailers, and in which some details of the new chapters are revealed: it seems that aliens have redoubled their efforts to conquer Earth, leaving humanity at the worst moment in its history.

We still don’t know how they do it, but the creatures that assail humans on the surface of the planet adapt to be more aggressive, giving them a little more edge. Meanwhile, our civilization is looking for a weak point from which to attack them. For one of its managers, “the first season was the calm before the storm and Season 2 is the storm“.

'Invasion' is not a slow or boring series, it's a more human style of science fiction

The second season of ‘Invasion’ opens tomorrow, Wednesday 23 August, and we will be able to watch a new weekly episode every Wednesday thereafter. Between that and the remaining chapters of the second season of ‘Foundation’, a return to school full of science fiction awaits us.

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