“My most intimate data is on the Dark Web”: this is how you will know if you have been hacked with this Google feature for iPhone and Mac

There are two different types of Internet on the Internet. On the one hand, there is the one we all know. The one you’re using right now to read this article. Google, Amazon, YouTube, Applesfer… And on the other, we have the deep web. The Internet is dark. A place that everyone has heard of but few people have seen, such as the €500 banknotes.

It is not accessible from a regular browser, and it is not recommended to do so without a VPN and other security measures. It doesn’t exactly house beautiful things, and The anonymity it provides gives rise to a number of illegal businesses. As you will understand, no one should be amused by their data circulating on these sites, so Google has activated a tool that monitors the deep web for them, and if it finds them, it notifies us.

How to see if your data has been leaked on the Dark Web

Google now offers this feature in all of its paid Google One plans. It has been around for some time, but only in the United States. Now, little by little, there are more users receiving emails in Spain Inform that your subscription also includes this service.

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If you already have it, the process is pretty straightforward. Just follow these steps:

  • Sign in to your Google One account through your iPhone’s browser
  • If you have the option available, access it
Collage Part 1

  • Follow the steps to configure the monitoring profile
  • Click on “View Results”
  • Check the data that appears and change passwords if necessary
Collage Part 2

Google is trying to poke fun at Apple by bragging about something that the iPhone does better than the Pixel.

That our data is circulating there is not good. Identity theft is something that is on the agenda, and they could access bank accounts without our permission, apply for loans on our behalf, use it to commit crimes and that we end up being involved in unpleasant situations, etc. All precautions are small in these cases.

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