Niko Bellic speedruns Elden Ring in 2.5 hours, deathless - GRF

Niko Bellic speedruns Elden Ring in 2.5 hours, deathless

Niko Bellic speedruns Elden Ring in 25 hours deathless

Okay, yes, it’s not actually Grand Theft Auto IV protagonist Niko Bellic, but this achievement from speedrunner named ‘niko bellic’ is still worth calling your cousin about. Barely one week after the launch of Elden Ring, the runner managed to beat the game in under two and a half hours – without dying.

The full video (via The Loadout), which you can watch below, was published on March 3. Neither nor the SpeedSouls wiki yet has leaderboards set up for Elden Ring, so it looks like niko bellic’s run still doesn’t have much competition.

As far as future speedruns go, niko bellic says on Reddit that “I think I´ll just leave it up to the better Souls speedrunners than me (like The Happy Hob). They will surely even get the speedrun time of the game down to an hour in the next couple of months, so I am very much looking forward to that.” For now, the runner recommends interested players check out the SpeedSouls Discord for further insight into how the run is progressing.

You can check out the full run for yourself below, though naturally there are spoilers to be found. (I’m holding off for the further 50 or so hours that I’m gonna need to beat Elden Ring.)

Check out our guide to the Elden Ring Golden Seed locations or the Elden Ring bosses if you need some help yourself.

Elden Ring

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Niko Bellic speedruns Elden Ring in 2.5 hours, deathless

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