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Pac-Man the Ancestor of Games Becomes a Movie

The legendary Pac-Man, one of the games known to almost everyone from 7 to 70, has never had a movie of its own, although it has been in many movies and series before. A game giant company has announced that it has started work on Pac-Man’s film.

Unfortunately, it is an undeniable fact that the majority of films based on games are disasters. Sorted by IMDb scores on our list of films adapted from the game You can see that.

As actors, we still get excited when we hear that there will be a movie adapted from each new game. Again, we received exciting news: Pac-Man, the ancestor of the games, is preparing to be made into a live-action film by a game giant company.

Pac-Man live-action film will be made by Bandai Namco Entertainment


Pac-Man was so successful, that it became one of the best-selling and highest-grossing games of all time. Pac-Man has appeared in two television series and countless movies before but has never had a movie of his own. Bandai Namco Entertainment will be the first company to do so. Unfortunately, we don’t have many details about the film.

Previously, in 2017, another legendary game, Tetris, was also wanted to be shot, and the film had a budget of $ 80 million, but the production of the film has not progressed a step since then. So now there are concerns for Pac-Man.

While his place in the gaming world is indisputable, whether Pac-Man is the best choice for a live-action film is a matter of debate. What do you think? Please do not forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments.

Pac-Man the Ancestor of Games Becomes a Movie
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