Players Who Take Long Breaks from Far Cry 6 Receive Threatening Messages From The ‘Bad’ of the Game

Anton Castillo, the dictatorial villain of Far Cry 6, began threatening players who were taking a break from the game by email.
Far Cry 6 tried to break the vicious circle since the third game of the series and partially succeeded. However, although Ubisoft aimed to bring innovation, the “base capture” missions that have existed since the first games of the series had taken some of the players from Far Cry 6.

Many gamers who purchased the game also got bored with this classic Far Cry system, so they played the game a little bit. But what drew them to the game this time was the threatening email of the game’s chief villain.

Message from Castillo

Far Cry 6

Anton Castillo, the game’s iconic chief villain, sends an email to players who left the game unfinished, titled ” You disappointed me ” and “Thank you for letting me control Yara comfortably. Don’t worry, Yara is in good hands.” and implied that he continued his dictatorial regime and that what we did was not enough.

This email soon became popular on the game’s Reddit forum, and players began to enter the game again. It’s not new for gaming companies to send such messages to users. Previously, the makers of Destiny 2 emailed an animation of the players’ battle moments to attract players to a special event and managed to attract a large part of the cast back into the game.

Our dictator keeps a record of everything

Far Cry 6

Our evil dictator Anton Castillo makes fun of us again in his e-mail by telling us how many hours we played the game, how many people we killed, how many different weapons we collected, and many other statistics like this.

Although this e-mail from the producers attracts players to the game on a short-term basis, it is a question of whether additional packages in the future will be able to connect players to the game long-term.

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