Statement from the Boss That Shows That It’s Worth All This Time for GTA 6

The CEO of Rockstar’s umbrella company Take-Two Interactive has shared a new statement about GTA 6. The CEO shared that GTA 6 will be the new benchmark of games. In other words, after GTA 6 comes out, we will start to say “Will GTA 6 uninstall?” while looking at the computer. We didn’t expect anything less than that, but anyway…

Rockstar Games’ new GTA game, which has been expected for years, was officially confirmed in recent weeks. The company, which officially announced that it is working on the new GTA game, did not share much about the game after this statement. As the clouds of mystery continue to hover over GTA 6, an important statement came from Rockstar’s umbrella company Take-Two Interactive.

Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick made statements about GTA 6 in his earnings call where he touched on the company’s performance in the last 3 months. Strauss reported that sales of GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2 are still continuing at a high level while explaining that they are trying to do the best about GTA 6:

GTA 6 will be a new benchmark for the industry:


“As the development of the next member of the Grand Theft Auto series continues, the Rockstar Games team is committed to setting creative benchmarks for the series, our industry, and the entire entertainment world, just as they have done with every single of the company’s standout productions.”

While the CEO has not yet shared any new information about GTA 6, some unofficial news about the game came last week. In the claims made by one of the names trusted by the game world, it was shared that the new game would be set in Vice City and that a female character would be included in the main characters.

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