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Tesla Model 3 Performance Gift to a Person Who “persuades His Friend to Buy a Tesla”

Tesla has launched an event where a person will be offered a zero-mileage Model 3 performance. So, what does it take to participate in this event and why is Tesla giving such a great “gift”?
One of the most popular electric car manufacturers in the world, Tesla, has launched an event that will make its customers smile. As part of this event, which will continue until the end of September, a Tesla Model 3 zero model will be offered to one person. The Tesla Model 3 will be a “Performance” package worth $53,240.

Tesla, which does not spare its best to increase sales, has created a loyalty program for customers and organizes events from time to time. Here we are faced with the most recent of them. As part of the event, which started on September 19 and will end on September 30, a person will get a new Tesla Model 3 Performance without paying five cents. What are the conditions to participate in this event?

The person who is to be offered a Tesla must own a Tesla
Tesla Model 3 The number one condition for attending the event that Tesla has started is to own a Tesla. What the company wants is for a Tesla owner to convince at least one of his friends to buy a Tesla. The person who will be referenced in the new purchase will receive a draw right to participate in the event. The winner of the lottery, which will take place after September 30, will be the owner of the zero-model Tesla Model 3. As you can imagine; this event is only available in the United States.

As part of Tesla’s customer loyalty program, customers collect points by completing tasks assigned to them. After accumulating a certain amount, these points can be used for software upgrades or to recharge electricity at Supercharger stations in exchange for points. Elon Musk and his team are focused on increasing customer loyalty and increasing Tesla with such promotions. When the Tesla Model 3 raffle ends, we will all see how this campaign contributes to the brand…

Tesla Model 3 Performance Gift to a Person Who “persuades His Friend to Buy a Tesla”
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