The CEO of Microsoft is convinced that AI will be “as important” as the Internet. This is how he remembers the words of Bill Gates.

Generative AI technologies have advanced significantly, especially since ChatGPT’s launch last year, giving rise to a maelstrom of tools and platforms with similar technologies in which we can Interacting with artificial intelligence using natural language.

Microsoft didn’t want to miss the opportunity to invest in this technology, which is why it partnered with OpenAI to be able to use its AI in its multiple products, including Bing Chat or Copilot for Microsoft 365. After the mass adoption of AI in many products, it is very likely that in a few years the evolution of artificial intelligence is something comparable to the Internet. Even Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, agrees with this statement.

An invention “as important as the Internet”

In an interview for Bloomberg’s “The Circuit With Emily Chang” program, Satya Nadella and Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, talk to Chang about all the advances in artificial intelligence and its future.

In that same interview, Nadella referred to the internal document that Bill Gates sent to his Microsoft employees in 1995, where he commented that the Internet would be a crucial “tidal wave” for all areas of the company’s business. Years later, we realized why Gates had at that time, being Internet the great protagonist of the twenty-first century.

This same feeling exists for some with artificial intelligence. And it is that this technology could end up becoming the next “Internet” in terms of importance, and Nadella is becoming increasingly clear.

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“Bill’s memo in 1995, it seems to me that it is,” Nadella said. “I think it’s so important,” he continued, referring to the impact artificial intelligence could have compared to the momentum of the internet in the ’90s.

Recall that Microsoft has invested more than $13,000 million in OpenAI, a company that has started to make a big impact since the launch of ChatGPT, and even months before with DALL-E 2. For this reason, Altman also mentioned the company’s excellent relationship with Microsoft in the interview.

“We have a great relationship,” Sam Altman said on The Circuit. “These big partnerships between tech companies usually don’t work. It is an example that works very well. We are very grateful for that.

While everything seems to be going well for the aforementioned companies, there are those who don’t see this relationship with good eyes, like Elon Musk. Recall that the tycoon missed the opportunity to move forward with OpenAI resigned from the company he co-founded after differing views on the direction the company was taking to become a for-profit organization.

In response to Musk’s criticism and the rumor that Microsoft may acquire the company in the future, Altman commented in the interview: “The company is not for sale. I do not know how to be clearer. »

Google’s threat dominating the AI race was partly an impetus to create OpenAI and Microsoft’s support, a situation similar to the position Microsoft took after the harassment of Netscape in the 90s and its concept of the Internet. Of course, let’s hope it doesn’t happen like when he kicked Netscape out of the market, prompting an antitrust lawsuit from the U.S. government.

Altman states that OpenAI’s position is far from assured. “Not only is it a competitive environment, but I think it’s probably the most competitive in terms of technology right now,” he said.

Nadella, for her part, was also keen to mention her personal motivations and those of the company with AI: “In the tech industry, we are experts at exaggerating everything,” said the CEO of Microsoft. “What motivates me is that I want to use this technology to really do what I think at least we’re all into technology for, which is demo.cratize access to it. »

It is clear that we are witnessing One of the toughest technological battles, because competitiveness in this environment is extreme. Although yes, everything indicates that it will be an endurance race, and although for the moment the dominant position is clear. Before OpenAI and Microsoft, the world can do a lot of tricks.

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