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The five biggest comebacks in NFL history

The five biggest comebacks in NFL history

The five biggest comebacks in NFL history

When everyone considered Jurgen Klopp’s team dead, there was a historic comeback against Messi’s almighty Barcelona and, after going down 3-0 in the first leg of the Champions League Semifinals, he defeated the Catalans 4-0 at Anfield to become the first finalist of the most important tournament in world football at the club level.

The five biggest comebacks in NFL history

Liverpool became the third team in history able to overcome a disadvantage of three goals in the Champions League, joining Roma (2017-18) and Deportivo La Coruña (2003-04).

And while You’ll Never Walk Alone inspires us and makes us fall in love again (maybe this time like never before), we remember the five best comebacks in NFL history:

5. Buffalo 37-35 Indianapolis (September 21, 1997)
In the hands of Jim Harbaugh, the Colts went to the front 26-0. The Bills scored 10 points before the end of the first half and from that moment began the return, thanks to a great performance by then-rookie runner Antowain Smith, who finished the game with 129 yards and three touchdowns. And no, the Bills quarterback was not Frank Reich (that comes later); It was Todd Collins.

4. San Francisco 38-35 New Orleans (December 7, 1980)
This remains the best return in NFL history in the regular season. The Saints took a 35-7 lead in the first half, but one Joe Montana, who was just in his second season in the league, did what for years was known as his modus operandi: finding a way to win. In the second half, New Orleans went blank and Montana threw two touchdown passes and ran for another. In overtime, a field goal by Ray Wersching gave this unlikely win to the 49ers.

3. Indianapolis 45-44 Kansas City (January 4, 2014)
You may still remember this unreal Wild Card game. The Chiefs won 31-10 after two quarters, even without one of their best players (Jamaal Charles was injured in the first offensive series of the game). To make matters worse, Kansas City opened the second half with another series that ended in a touchdown to go up 38-10. But the Colts never gave up and young quarterback Andrew Luck (in his third year in the NFL) threw three touchdown passes in the second half and then scored another touchdown after recovering a fumble. Luck landed a 64-yard field goal with TY Hilton to seal the comeback and Indianapolis win.

2. Buffalo 41-38 Houston (January 3, 1993)
This postseason game is also one of the most famous and important for the league. It is better known as “The Comeback” and is part of the NFL’s mythology. The Oilers, led by Warren Moon, easily won 28-3 after two quarters and went ahead 35-3 when Bubba McDowell returned 58 yards an interception until the touchdown at the start of the second half.

Jim Kelly’s understudy, Frank Reich (now coach of the Colts), wrote his name in the NFL books with this absurd return of the Bills. Reich threw four touchdown passes and with a touchdown by Kenneth Davis, Buffalo incredibly took the lead, 38-35. Houston tied the game and sent it on time, an instance in which Steve Christie sealed the story with a 32-yard field goal.

It is true that the Bills have not won a Super Bowl, but this moment of glory is not taken away from anyone.

1. New England 34-28 Atlanta (February 5, 2017)
This return occupies first place on our list simply and simply because it was in a Super Bowl! The Patriots lost by 25 points in the third period, but they found a way to win (or the Falcons found a way to lose?) The Super Bowl LI and with it their fifth NFL title. Tom Brady went for 466 yards and a pair of touchdowns, and James White scored three times, including the two-yard run to the diagonals in overtime to give Bill Belichick’s team the win.

And for all the haters of the Patriots, I regret to have remembered this moment.

The five biggest comebacks in NFL history, The five biggest comebacks in NFL history, The five biggest comebacks in NFL history

The five biggest comebacks in NFL history

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