The iPhone 15 and its USB-C port will fill something Apple has been waiting for years, though it does so halfway.

We may still be enjoying (or suffering) August, but the clock is ticking and there’s not much left for Apple to confirm its presentation of the iPhone 15 for next month. We already know that one of its main novelties will be the arrival of the USB-C port on the phone, but this hides more surprises than a simple change of connector.

There are leaks that during those days of August suggested that at least three models of these iPhone 15s are going to have Thunderbolt/USB4 speeds on these USB-C ports. And this can be a huge leap forward for some professionals who have been asking for improvement in this aspect for years.

More speed, but not clear where

Let’s face it: the USB 2.0 speeds that the Lightning port has accustomed us to should have improved many years ago. Yes, the vast majority of users no longer transmit data to or from their iPhone with a cable, but remember that local backups are always a lifesaver in an emergency.

But where these speeds do the most damage is in the professional realm: you have an iPhone 14 Pro Max, you recorded 4K RAW video on it… and do you have to wait several hours to be able to transfer this video to a Mac because you don’t have an internet connection? In cases where AirDrop doesn’t work for you, it can be a disappointment.

USB4 speeds, which up to 40 Gbps, they would solve it with the stroke of a pen. Local backups would be transmitted much faster, otherwise the photos and videos that any professional needs in conditions where wireless transfers do not help.

Now: According to the leaks, this will happen in three models of the iPhone. But we do know there will be the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max: Which model will follow with slower data transfers? Logic tells us it would be the standard iPhone 15, but I’d be quite surprised if that happened at the same time as the Plus model has the new speeds.

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Either the leak is fake, or Apple has more surprises in store for September. We should soon see this: September 12 is increasingly likely to be the day when we all witness a Tonic.

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