The iPhone 15 Ultra returns: the name is resurrected in a new leak

After all, the least difficult thing to change in the process of creating a product is its name. Some time ago, we saw the name ‘iPhone 15 Ultra’ in the rumor mill, as a way to rename the iPhone bigger and more powerful and give it an even more distant status from the iPhone 15 Pro.

We’ve even seen concepts of this iPhone 15 Ultra, but over time, the rumors have been forgotten. Right now A leak puts this name back on the table as a real possibility to replace the hypothetical iPhone 15 Pro Max.

A name change that can hide an additional advantage

The track was able to get it Andrew O’Hara of AppleInsider’s editorial team. Apparently, in Cupertino, they would have parked the name “iPhone 15 Ultra”, but now it is again a serious possibility to use it instead of “iPhone 15 Pro Max”.

Given that we expect an overall price increase for the new iPhone, this new name can help consumers perceive this model as a new level in the lineup, a little higher than the “Pro Max” we’ve seen so far. That, too. This may imply another new and exclusive function that we do not know about., reserved for the more expensive iPhone 15.

iPhone 15 Ultra: a new button is filtered in photos of what would be its official case

If this ends up being true, the list of iPhone models would end up being:

  • iPhone 15
  • iPhone 15 Plus
  • iPhone 15 Pro
  • iPhone 15 Ultra

A simple adjective for each model, it can simplify things. Now that there are very few weeks left to see them, rumors about these iPhone 15 should start to be very detailed now.

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