This would have won in 2023 if you had bought a single Apple stock in 1980.

When Jobs and Wozniak, the two Steves, founded Apple, Surely they never imagined that he would become what he is today.. Going from your parents’ garage to one of the most expensive buildings in the world isn’t something you see every day, just like it doesn’t become the most valuable business in history.

And the question here is How much we would have pocketed if we had done with a single action when it went public for $22. Well, not exactly that amount, because it would have to be updated to reflect inflation, and it would be 81.62 today, but it serves us the same purpose.

We would have a lot of money. Too much

Since Apple went public on December 12, 1980, there have been a total of five splits. A “split” This is a way for the company to generate more shares without harming investors.. It is complicated to explain, but one example shows it very clearly. If you have a share of my company that is worth 100 euros, I divide it in two and I tell you that from that moment on, you have two shares of 50 euros each. You keep the value, but the stock supply is higher.

Apple split its shares in two in 1987, 2000 and 2005. In 2014, it divided them into seven and in 2020 into four. This means that The shares we bought in 1980 would now be 168 shares.. In the hypothetical case where the price had been maintained, we would have earned $3696 less than the $81.62 we had previously calculated, but it was not maintained. It has increased, and a lot.

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At the time of writing, Apple stock is trading at $177. If we multiply that by the 168 we will have, it turns out that Our profits would be $29,736 for an investment of $81.62 if we update it for inflation. There are few companies that have given this performance, however, it does not mean that it is as easy to become a millionaire as someone who does not like coffee or croissants says.

Every day, thousands of small businesses are born that aspire to be the next Apple, and so far, Apple has only been one. Now we all see very clearly that we should have invested our lifetime savings in this company that made computers in a garage, but of course, now we know how it happened.

Apple is worth twice as much as Google: it exceeds three trillion dollars on the stock market and continues to make the bed of META

In any case, nothing more than admiration for those who trusted the project and are now diving into banknotes, but it is important to remember that there are millions of businesses that have failed. Much more than those who triumphed in this way, so We need to be careful where and to whom we give our money.

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