There is a lot of content that we can see from the Apple TV application on our iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV or even Smart TV in general. Between Apple TV+ series and movies and rentals and purchases, we have access to a huge catalog. Most of us will enjoy it in Spanish and without subtitles, but We may also want to access other languages. Luckily, it’s really easy.

Multiple languages depending on the type of content

Choosing the language of the audio, the subtitles and whether we want it to be activated or not is actually very simple. On iPhone, iPad or Mac, it’s as easy as Tap the buttons as a text and audio bubble which appears at the bottom right of the playback:

Change language Apple TV audio subtitles
Apple TV Change Language Audio Subtitles

From here we can choose the language of the audio and the language of the subtitles, including the option to Disabled which will make them disappear or Automatic This will only subtitle the text content that appears on the screen and some scenes that are not translated.

Where it’s a little less intuitive, although just as easy, is in tvOS. Whether it is an Apple TV or Smart TV With the Apple TV app on it, the steps are as follows:

  1. We start playing in the Apple TV app of our Apple TV or Smart TV in general.
  2. We drag down or click or hold the button with a down arrow on the controller.
  3. We scroll sideways up to select Audio or Subtitles Depending on what we want to change, the buttons are the same as those shown in the screenshots above.
  4. We choose the language by clicking on it.

Keep in mind that the menu can be closed once we have chosen one of the languages, if this happens We simply repeat the process to change the remaining language.

On Apple TV, subtitles aren’t changed like in a Chromecast

There is a point that can confuse you if you come from using players like Google TV or a Chromecast and that generally appear from time to time in networks when asked about it. It’s not that the TV app constantly forgets the language you choose to watch your series and movies: it’s something that needs to be configured from the device’s settings and not from every episode we watch.

If you want to set a language so that the TV always uses it by default, you can do so by going to Settings and then to the TV app:

iPhone TV settings
Apple TV Change iPhone Audio Language

One last interesting detail: we can also change the language of audio and subtitles by asking Siri. Something as simple as “Hey Siri, language in Spanish” or “Turn off subtitles” will fulfill their mission.

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Thus, we can change the language and language of the subtitles in the Apple TV application of our iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple TV
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