The Stickers of messaging apps are what they are: “big brothers” of the emojis we started seeing on services like Telegram and found themselves everywhere. Getting them has always been by exploring catalogues made by illustrators, although recently we have also started creating our own from photographs.

But all that can change with a feature that was recently discovered in one of WhatsApp’s betas: the service intends to launch a generator of Stickers powered by AI. A kind of ‘Midjourney express’ in which you would send Stickers while you generate them on the fly.

The sticker you need, when you need it

WhatsApp Sticker AI

As usual, this was discovered in WABetaInfo. Your team has stumbled upon the screenshots you can see above, where we can see the option to create our own Stickers with an AI of the cat itself. The expression they use in this case is “a laughing cat on a skateboard”.

There are no details on whether this will be the default style or if we can use others: AI may have limitations precisely because of this same style and not use too much data processing or server overload.

We are also supposed to have the established debate about the authorship of the images that the AI will rely on to generate these images. Stickers and if that authorship will be paid in any way, or if there will be copyright issues if we ask for something like “Snoopy eating cake with Bugs Bunny.”

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At the moment, this function is tested on a “very limited” group of users on Android, but in the future we’ll see it coming to iOS and it will obviously rely on an engine stored in Meta’s data centers. Over time, we will discover more details.

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WhatsApp adds a feature that no one asked for but is brutal: AI-generated stickers
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