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Why you need the Lost Ark Power pass

Lost Ark Power Pass is one of the coolest things in the massive online role-playing game. Power pass is actually more than just a boost, but is a smart move made by the developers of the game in order to keep the gamers attracted to the game for as long as possible.


Lost Ark has made a significant difference in the gameplay if you keep in mind other games of the same genre. In addition to a single character that the player owns, they have the ability to own multiple characters in the game, connected to the same account.


While this might be very interesting for players who can spend hours of their time, for those who are limited by time constraints, it becomes a task too demanding and daunting to take each of their characters to their max levels. What about it now? Read the full article to know how you can skip this dreadful task to some extent.

Lost Ark

What is a power pass?

Every gamer that has ever lived on the face of our planet, has always wanted to stay on top of each game, wanting his or her character to be on the max level and with the peak of their abilities and equipment.


In a game like Lost Ark, this isn’t an easy task and definitely not a thing you can do overnight. To keep the players interested, there is a way out.


This is where the Lost Ark Power pass comes into play. Power pass is an advanced boost that each player gets that can help them take one character to the maximum level possible. No, we are not kidding and no this is not a cheat.


It is a completely legitimate upgrade and comes from the game itself. How? Let us get

you the details.

Does Lost Ark Power pass really jump characters to level fifty? If yes, how?

As gamers ourselves, we would not even think of putting up something like this as a joke. We understand that things like these can make or break your day if you are serious about your gaming. So, yes, the above-mentioned things were not a Halloween joke and it is as true as it gets.

But as we said, it is not even a cheat that you will simply enter and your characters will level up all the way to the top. So you’ll have to earn it. But once you have a power pass, the process to level fifty is quite simple and easy.


Once you are done with activating the power pass, the character you have chosen will unlock the “Adventurer’s Path”. This adventure path is an extremely compressed form of the story as told by the non-playable character Beatrice.


The best thing about using the Lost Ark Power pass is this path. And as a result of the adventurer’s path teaching you everything including the key moments of the story, you will not lose out on the basics of the character.

This will keep you from looking like a stupid gamer who spent a lot of money to max out your character. However, this gamer does not know how to actually play games.

How to get power pass Lost Ark

Getting the power pass in lost ark might not be the easiest thing, but it is definitely worth all the effort one will put into it.


We kept away the best news for the readers of the blog till now. You can get up to two power passes in Lost Ark. Two fully leveled up characters in a quick run! Wooh!

To begin with, we should clarify that getting the first power pass can be a fairly simple process, but it can become troublesome and time-consuming over time.

But what makes the entire journey far more than worthy is the fact that you will get a second power pass as a reward for simply using the first one with any of your alt characters.


As of now, there are only two ways to achieve a Lost Ark Power Pass and they are described herein.


  1. According to the latest patch notes, you will receive the first power pass by completing the game’s main quest that you end with the final mission which is, the “Ealyn’s Gift” in the North Vern. (Players will encounter the Ealyn’s Gift quest chain around level 50)


Once you complete the main quest, you are technically done. All you have to do now is to go to your game menu and check your in-game mailbox, where you will find that the game has sent you the item you were looking for, a Power Pass.


  1. Now we take you to the easier part of the process. Once a player uses their first power pass by upgrading one of their characters you will find the other (second and the free one) in the same place where you found your first one, the in-game mailbox. You can use the power pass, in the same way as you earlier did.


We understand that it is irresistible to not use the power pass when you have it in your hand. But a smart man would hold it back.


The reason is, as of now, players can get only a maximum of two power passes during the entire course of their game journey. And leveling up the perfect class of character is an important decision to make if you really want to make a difference.


Hold your urge and figure out things according to the present arsenal you own and other teammates in the game and how you can build the perfect opportunity by putting another character through the top tier.


If you have not received a Lost Ark Power Pass even after completing the above-mentioned tasks, see if lost ark down for you, here.

How to activate Lost Ark Power Pass:

If you have read your way down till this point, we think that you do have got your first power pass and are going through a definite lust to use it and take up another character to their top level.


Activating the acquired power pass is the easiest thing you will be doing in the game and by game, we mean the entire gameplay.


Steps to activate the power pass for your character are:

  1. Firstly and obviously you will have to select your region and world.
  2. From that tab, you will have to go to the character select screen.
  3. All the characters that are eligible to use the power pass will have a “Power Pass Available” message in a pretty little yellow box.
  4. To apply for the power pass, click the yellow Power Pass button next to your chosen character.
  5. Players will have to complete the “Adventurer’s Path” quest, which encompasses all the levels from ten to level fifty.


When you are done with the adventurer’s path quest, the game will automatically pull up your selected character to its maximum possible level.

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Why you need the Lost Ark Power pass
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