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How has Xbox Game Pass, where we have unlimited access to hundreds of games

Subscription systems have become an important part of our lives today. It looks like it’s going to keep coming. Let’s take a look at how deeply Xbox Game Pass has impacted the gaming industry.

In the future of the game world; subscription systems, cloud technology, and virtual reality will see plenty of it. Subscription systems and cloud technology are already getting more advanced.

In today’s article, we want to take a detailed look at the rise of subscription systems. Let’s dig deep into this system, where we can access hundreds of games through PC and console by paying a fairly affordable price per month.

It is slowly becoming possible to instantly access the game we want from any device by paying a reasonable monthly fee.

Xbox Game Pass


Nowadays, when we say watching movies or listening to music, many of us first think of monthly paid subscriptions. These subscription systems have now gained such a place in our lives that they have become the main platforms we prefer when it comes to movies, series, and music. That’s exactly what we’re going to experience in games. In fact, we were no strangers to subscriptions in the gaming world. PlayStation Plus, Xbox Live Gold, and EA Play have already been available for a long time.

This process, which we can call the “new age in the game world” starting with Xbox Game Pass, will change things a lot. Phil Spencer, the beloved president of Xbox, has supported the idea of Game Pass since he took over the company. Despite all those who oppose and are worried, Spencer has played a major role in the launch of the Xbox Game Pass project, an important part of this system, which was first released in 2017.


Xbox Game Pass

The main goal of the Xbox Game Pass, which continues to increase in popularity every day, is to provide players with their own unique experience. So much so that thanks to Xbox Cloud Gaming, which is still in the beta process and is not available in our country, without the need to have any console; you can instantly access hundreds of games offered to you from your mobile device, tablet or products such as your smart television.

We know that the monthly Xbox Game Pass Ultimate price in our country is 45 TL and that it contains more than 300 PC and console games. In addition, Xbox Cloud Gaming is a system included in the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership. In other words, when it is opened in our country in the coming years, we will not have to pay an extra fee for the cloud system thanks to our existing subscription.

After Xbox Game Pass, we saw that PlayStation came up with a very nice subscription system.

Xbox Game Pass

Considering that the new game prices in our country are based on around 799 TL, subscription systems, which are a great opportunity, especially for countries going through turbulent economic periods like us, allow us to access hundreds of games at a very affordable price.

Xbox Game Pass, which has attracted great attention around the world since its release and continues to increase its popularity continuously, will have affected Sony a lot and in recent months we have seen that PlayStation Plus has undergone a very nice change and evolved into an affordable subscription system with hundreds of games.

Xbox Game Pass

The fact that Xbox and PlayStation, one of the biggest names in the game world, have entered such a path has already begun to affect the sector deeply. All that remains is to watch the development and expansion of these subscription systems over the years.

Especially the renewed version of PlayStation Plus seems to have pleased PlayStation users. While dozens of games are added to these subscription systems every month, some of them are removed from the system. Added games remain in the system for at least three months, usually a year, unless deals are renewed.

Many gamers think that these subscription systems are hurting the gaming industry, in fact, things are not like that at all.

Xbox Game Pass

Some players think that subscription systems are bad for the gaming world and that the games added to these systems as soon as they are released may cause them to come out of poorer quality. Although this can be assumed to be true for some gigantic budget games, a very large part of developers is very satisfied with such systems.

Games added to Xbox Game Pass are included in this system with pricing that varies from game to game. Many independent productions, in particular, are able to deduct the development fee of the game at one time, thus making extra profits from each game sold.

You can also hear the system from Mike Rose, who has struck deals with Xbox Game Pass many times.

Xbox Game Pass

Games aren’t just added to Game Pass for money. When a game is added to Xbox Game Pass; It’s being offered to an audience of more than 25 million players and is advertised in many places. A portion of this 25 million active audience is trying that game. People who try it and like it very much can also choose to show their support to the developer by buying the game they discovered thanks to Game Pass.

In addition, many game developers have often stated that a subscription system such as Xbox Game Pass is very useful for them and that they are happy to be on this system. Although there are still those who are worried about such subscription systems, we can say that Xbox Game Pass has positively affected the gaming industry for now. So what do you guys think about this?

How has Xbox Game Pass, where we have unlimited access to hundreds of games
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