How to Write an Argumentative Essay About Video Games: Developing a Quality Paper

How to Write an Argumentative Essay About Video Games: Developing a Quality Paper

Video games have gained traction in the recent past as they have become an integral part of the modern education system. One of the main benefits of ingraining video games in the teaching process is harnessing socialization among students, and encouraging student participation and group work.

As you pursue your course you may be required to write an argumentative essay about video games to allow you to communicate your ideas and express your standpoint. The main purpose of an argumentative essay is to evaluate conflicting issues by examining our ideas and those of others, searching for evidence to support our viewpoint, and convincing our readers to support our perspective.

Therefore, if you have to write an argumentative essay on video games, look for a topic that has conflicting sides. For instance, you could argue that ingraining video games in the teaching process isn’t or is wrong and provide well-supported reasons for your standpoint. Your readers must feel convinced that your point of view is correct by putting across strong points that are supported by credible and reliable evidence.

Step-by-step guide in writing an argumentative essay about video games

  • Search for an appropriate topic: In some cases, an essay topic is not provided and you are required to look for one based on the given instructions. Take your time to explore a topic that has a strong thesis and adequate arguments to support your standpoint. Just like in a persuasive essay about video games, your argumentative essay aims at helping your reader to understand why you have chosen your point of view and convince them to support your opinion.
  • Planning and creating an outline: Once you have selected the best from the identified argumentative essay topics about video games, start by collecting evidence from credible and reputable sources that will support your argument. Create an outline that will guide you in completing your paper. An outline will help determine the best place to discuss your points as well as the opposing points.
  • Start writing your initial draft: After you have developed an outline and collected sufficient evidence, it is time to begin writing your initial draft. At this stage, your main concern is putting together your essay as guided by your outline. Ensure you begin with your strongest point. Although you may not pay much attention to errors and mistakes, ensure your points are developed logically and coherently to make it easy for readers to follow your thought process.
  • Revise your draft: After you complete your draft, shift your focus on revising the draft to refine it such that it aligns with the provided instructions. Ensure you have used appropriate language based on your academic level. More importantly, make sure you have effectively presented your points and rebuttals to ensure your readers follow and understand your argument.
  • Proofreading and editing: This is the stage where your focus is on correcting mistakes and grammatical, spelling, and formatting errors. Take adequate time to keenly read through your work to ensure your essay is flawless before submitting it. Argumentative essays about video games that contain many errors impact your readers’ interest in reading through your work. If you find it challenging, you can seek professional assistance from reputable services such as CustomWritings to find an argumentative essay writer, who will not only help you in proofreading but also write an excellent argumentative paper that appeals to your audience.

Effective tips for writing an argumentative essay about video games

  • Your supporting points should be factual: One of the unique features of argumentative essays is that it appeals to readers’ reason. As a result, you need to use factual evidence to support your argument to compel your readers to understand and support your viewpoint. For instance, if you want to argue that violent video games encourage violence among learners, you should use accurate and verifiable evidence to support your opinion.
  • Pay attention to the language: Language plays a central role in developing a high-quality argumentative paper. Remember, you need to be convincing as well as respectful when criticizing somebody else’s idea. Make sure your tone is not aggressive and your choice of words and phrasing doesn’t reflect arrogance.
  • Utilize the available grammar and style tools: Numerous tools available online can support you in your writing process. Utilizing them will help you to avoid careless mistakes such as spelling, grammar, and formatting. Remember, errors and mistakes create distractions that could affect the readers’ ability to comprehend your argument. Tools such as Grammarly will help you to maintain an appropriate tone for your essay.

Appropriate structure when you write an argumentative essay about video games

  • Introduction

Like in any other type of essay, an argumentative essay must begin with an introduction. You will review the topic in general while providing background information on the same. Emphasize why the topic is important and the reason your readers should be interested in reading your paper. Remember to include a strong thesis statement that provides an overview of what you will discuss.

  • Body paragraphs

Your body paragraphs should contain your arguments. Ensure that each body paragraph discusses only one idea. Remember to present your argument and the opposing opinion to help your readers determine why your point of view is the correct one. For instance, assuming you are writing an essay highlighting the disadvantages of video games, one of your arguments could be an addiction. To make sure your readers understand your argument, start by acknowledging a contrary view, such as “Although video games enhance student participation in class, they may result in addiction, leading to poor performances.”

  • Conclusion

Finally, your essay must have a concluding paragraph that summarizes what you have discussed. When writing your conclusion, restate the thesis statement using different wording. Summarize the key points that you discussed in your essay to remind your readers why they should support your standpoint. Don’t introduce any new ideas in the conclusion. However, you can mention an area of interest that could need further attention.

Wrap up

Writing a compelling argumentative essay on video games is not always an easy task for most students. However, with adequate planning and an understanding of effective tips for developing high-quality argumentative essays, you can easily develop a high-quality essay that appeals to your readers. Make sure you choose a topic that has sufficient points and numerous credible evidence to support your argument. Use appropriate language to convince readers why they should agree with your opinion. An exceptional argumentative essay should acknowledge the opposing points of view but criticize or oppose them respectively. Therefore, your tone should be respectful and compelling to persuade your audience to support your perspective.


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