Sony is reportedly working on a new PlayStation Portable

Sony is rumored to be working on a new PlayStation 5-based handheld console with AMD. It’s really hard to believe.

Some rumors make your mouth water right away. After the success of Sony’s Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5, imagine a handheld console that brings together the best of both worlds designed by Sony. A return of the brand to a market that the brand had abandoned after the PlayStation Vita and the PlayStation Portable.

The idea comes to us from the YouTube channel Moore’s Law is Dead, which is rather popular when it comes to indiscretions on AMD or Nvidia. According to a video from the channel, Sony is reportedly working with AMD on the development of a new handheld gaming console. A tempting idea, but not very credible.

Running a PS5 game on the go?
If Moore’s Law is Dead’s claims are to be believed, AMD is reportedly designing a new chip equipped with 18 compute units to ensure compatibility with all PlayStation 4 games. In addition, PlayStation 5 games would also be compatible but would require additional work from the developers.

All this seems very unlikely. First of all, Sony has never given any sign of a desire to return to the handheld console market and has even just launched the PlayStation Portal. In addition, the PlayStation 5 consumes almost 200W in the middle of a game, which makes the idea of a battery-powered portable version of the console impossible, let alone cooling.

To design a new PlayStation Portable, you would have to offer a console that is less powerful than the PlayStation 5. The problem is that the principle of a new generation of console is precisely that developers can use it to base the level of greed of their games. Launching a less powerful console after the start of the generation seems very hard to imagine. It’s not a simple patch that would be asked of the developers, but to really rework their games so that they are less demanding than originally requested.

That’s exactly why Microsoft released the Xbox Series S at the launch of the generation. This way, games can be calibrated for both the Series S and Series X. Launching a more powerful console after the fact isn’t a problem, it’s simpler for developers to take advantage of additional computing power. This would be the meaning of the launch of a PlayStation 5 Pro scheduled for the end of 2024.

A new PlayStation console?
The other possibility is that Sony is thinking about developing a console that is completely independent of the PlayStation 5. Like the PSP or PS Vita, the new console could have its own games, and sometimes ports from the PS4 or PS5. Again, this track seems a bit difficult to take seriously, as such a console would be complicated to supply exclusive games regularly. That would mean mobilizing development teams for games on this console rather than on PS5. This is why Nintendo is no longer developing two platforms in parallel, but only one, since the Nintendo Switch.

It’s clear that Nintendo and Valve with the Steam Deck have demonstrated that there is a new market for the handheld console. Sony is no doubt interested in this and maybe experimenting with solutions with AMD. As it stands, however, there is still a lot of skepticism about the materialization of this rumor.

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Sony is reportedly working on a new PlayStation Portable
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