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World Of Warcraft Classic: Season of Discovery Gold Farming Guide

In-game currency plays an important part in any game. It unlocks all new aspects and opens a new door towards a journey full of adventures. Currency unlocks many doors for you which are limited to currency only. There are various features and options that you can only access if you have enough in-game money with yourself. In WOW Classic SOD, it is Gold. With the help of Gold, you can explore the world of WOW Classic without many hurdles or difficulties. Farming gold in WoW Classic’s Season of Discovery is essential for acquiring mounts, gear, consumables, and more. There are various methods to accumulate gold, each with its advantages and considerations.


This guide will help you in farming gold more efficiently with all the precautions, tips, tricks, and strategies. Farming gold in WOW Classic SOD demands planning and patience. It is a slow process that takes time but if you know the right path, you can farm gold much better in much less time.


So, if you’re looking for a detailed and to-the-point guide to get you started for Farming Gold in the WOW Classic Season of Discovery, then you’re on the right page. Follow this guide with all the tips and strategies to farm gold much better and enjoy all the options, and features.


Choose Your Professions wisely


Choosing your profession and choosing the right profession is very important in WOW Classic SOD because it can directly impact your gold-making strategies and your overall gameplay mechanics.


Each class is best and has its own advantages and disadvantages but some specific classes are best suited for Gold Farming. Mage is considered to be the best class when it comes to Gold Farming. Similarly, Hunter can be best for solo purposes of farming WOW Classic SoD Gold. On the other hand, Shamans aren’t widely chosen for solo farming purposes.


Tips to Choose the Right Profession


The only way to choose the right profession for yourself is by experimenting and exploring. Just because a class is good for a wide range of players doesn’t mean it’ll go well with your gameplay as well.

wow classic sod

Auction House


Auction House is slightly less discussed but one of the most useful ways to farm gold. Auction House can help you farm gold much better and more efficiently. Auction house is used for buying and selling items but as your goal is to farm gold then you can sell items in the Auction House for money. You can purchase items at low prices and then sell them at a higher rate.


Tips for the Auction House


Be updated with the trends and pricing of the items. It requires market knowledge with a little bit of patience and experience. You can master the art of understanding trends by putting time, energy, and effort into understanding the market. Be patient and wait for the right opportunity.


Grinding Mobs


Mobs aren’t just for challenging your skills and abilities but they can be used as a great source for gold farming in WOW Classic SOD. Grinding mobs can help you in gaining gold. Mobs drop valuable items and loot that you can use either directly or indirectly in Gold making.


Sometimes mobs also drop crafting items. You can use all those valuable drops and crafting materials and sell them in the Auction House. Find and slay mobs to level up the game of gold farming.


Tips For Grinding Mobs


Keep exploring the places but make sure you also keep improving and leveling up your character to stand strong against the mobs and defeat them easily on the battlefield. Make sure to use consumables and add-ons during your exploration and fighting mobs.


Running The Dungeons


You can take a step ahead and indulge yourself in Dungeon Farming in WOW Classic SOD. Running the dungeons can provide with you gold and some other money materials that can help you in money making.


You can defeat the boss and earn valuable items and loot which will drastically improve your gold farming experience. Dungeons also drop crafting recipes. Many dungeons also give your BoE items which means Bind-On-Equip items that you can either sell to other players or in the Auction House depending on the situation or from where you’re getting the maximum profit.


Tips For Running Dungeons


As your character becomes more powerful, consider solo farming dungeons and raids for valuable items. This can be more efficient than relying on a group. This also includes leveling up your character.

wow classic sod

Completing The Quests & Opening Chests


Completing quests can be an easy way to earn or farm gold in Wow Classic SOD. Completing the quests will reward you with valuable items that can help you either directly or indirectly in gold farming. Opening chests can also help you in farming gold. Chests also contain runes which are valuable items and can be sold in the Auction House for a good amount of gold.


Understanding Best Farming Spots


There are some zones that are good for gold farming. You can explore these places, fight mobs, and farm gold as much as you can. Some of the best farming spots are:

  • Westfall
  • The Barrens
  • Duskwood
  • Tenaris
  • Western Plaguelands
  • Eastern Plaguelands


Make sure you explore all the places and then choose the right one for you. Also, don’t just be dependent on a particular zone or area for gold farming. Keep exploring the places and find other spots as well.




In conclusion, mastering gold farming in World of Warcraft Classic’s Season of Discovery is essential for unlocking new adventures and enhancing your gameplay. This guide has provided valuable strategies for the efficient gold accumulation, from choosing professions wisely to exploring diverse farming spots.


Whether you prefer grinding mobs, running dungeons, completing quests, or utilizing the Auction House, there are various avenues to explore. For those seeking a quicker option, MMOPixel offers a reliable service to buy WoW Classic SoD Gold. By incorporating these strategies into your gameplay, you’ll navigate the Season of Discovery with a wealth of in-game currency, enjoying a richer gaming experience. Happy Gaming!

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World Of Warcraft Classic: Season of Discovery Gold Farming Guide
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