Mastering the Flail Weapon in New World

Mastering the Flail Weapon in New World

Our New World comprehensive article helps you discover the ins and outs of the Flail weapon, learn the best strategies, skill paths, and more. Read now!


In the ever-evolving landscape of the New World, a game where strategy meets a rich historical tapestry, weapons play a key role in having a unique journey for every player. One weapon that stands out in this vibrant gaming universe is the Flail. A weapon introduced in the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion, the Flail presents itself as a formidable force in the hands of skilled New World players.

In this article, we delve deep into the particularities of this mighty weapon, exploring its gameplay mechanics, potential skill sets, and combinations with other weapons, among other aspects.

Table of Contents

In the following table, we present a little breakdown of our Flail Weapon complete article:

  • First Impressions
  • Gameplay Mechanics – One-Handed or Use a Shield?
  • Skill trees – Cleric vs Bastion
  • How to level up the Flail in New World?
  • What Weapon Can You Use With the Flail?
  • Tips and Tricks for using the flail effectively
  • Conclusion

First Impressions

The flail is a unique weapon introduced in the new Rise of the Angry Earth expansion in the New World. It is a one-handed weapon, but it can also be used with a shield. This gives it a lot of versatility, as you can choose to focus on damage or defense.

Upon first encountering the Flail in New World, players are bound to be impressed by its striking aesthetics and intricate design, which seems to blend brutal force and finesse. Its heavy head, attached to a handle by a chain, promises devastating blows, positioning it as a weapon of choice for those who enjoy a balance between offense and defense in combat.

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Gameplay Mechanics – One-Handed or Use a Shield?

Navigating the gameplay mechanics of using the Flail in New World requires a keen understanding of its nature. Generally, the Flail can be wielded as a one-handed weapon, allowing players to use a shield in the other hand for improved defense. This makes it a versatile option for players who want to retain some mobility while also having substantial protective capabilities.

However, when wielded single-handedly without a shield, players can potentially exploit a faster attack speed and increased maneuverability, making it a suitable choice for those who prefer a more aggressive playstyle.

The decision of whether to use the flail with a shield or not is a personal one. Using the Flail with a shield gives you more survivability, as you will be able to block attacks and take less damage.

Flail Skill Trees – Cleric vs Bastion

Flail Weapon

When it comes to skill trees for the Flail, players have to choose between the Cleric and Bastion paths, each offering a distinct set of abilities and advantages.


Opting for the Cleric path provides players with abilities that lean towards support and healing, making it a great choice for players who wish to assume a role where they can aid their allies in battle, providing vital heals and buffs, while also dealing decent damage.


On the other hand, the Bastion skill tree focuses more on offense, allowing players to unleash the Flail’s raw power through devastating attacks. This path is perfect for players who wish to be at the forefront of battles, absorbing damage and creating opportunities for their allies through crowd control and area-of-effect abilities.

How to level up the Flail in New World?

Flail Weapon

The leveling process for the Flail weapon is straightforward. All you have to do is to kill as many enemies as possible with the Flail equipped.

As you advance towards level 20 in weapon mastery, the experience needed for each level increases. Therefore, you’ll need to defeat either higher mobs or a more significant number of them to level up your Flail further.

What Weapon Can You Use With the Flail?

When strategizing the perfect weapon combinations with the Flail, it is vital to consider the type of role you want to play in your team. If you are leaning towards a more defensive position, pairing the Flail with a shield offers a balanced approach to both attack and defense.

Conversely, for those seeking to maximize damage output, combining the Flail with another high-damage weapon, such as a sword or an axe, can create a powerful and formidable warrior on the battlefield. If you feel this is a task that takes too long to do it yourself you can opt to buy a New World account, that has a premade character that allows you to jump straight into end-game action.

Tips and Tricks for using the flail effectively

In the following list, we present several valuable strategies and techniques to wield the flail better:

  1. Master the Timing – Utilizing the Flail to its maximum potential involves mastering the timing, allowing for effective combos and devastating blows.
  2. Utilize Crowd Control – Many of the Flail’s skills involve crowd control abilities, making it an excellent tool for controlling the flow of battle.
  3. Balancing – Remember to balance between offense and defense, utilizing the Flail’s versatility to adapt to changing battle conditions.
  4. Skill Synergy – Experiment with different skill combinations to find the perfect synergy that matches your playstyle and enhances your effectiveness on the battlefield.


The Flail in New World presents a unique and exciting opportunity for players to explore a weapon that offers both power and versatility. Whether you choose to walk the path of a supportive Cleric or an offensive powerhouse in the Bastion tree, the Flail stands as a testament to the rich and diverse gameplay options available in New World.

With a balanced approach to both offense and defense, mastery over the Flail promises a rewarding and fulfilling gaming experience. It’s not just a weapon but an evaluation of skill and strategy that promises epic battles.

Armed with this comprehensive guide, you are now ready to wield the Flail with skill and finesse, carving out your unique path in the New World. Let the adventure begin!

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